Ice Kirby's Textures!!!!

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Ice Kirby's Textures!!!!

Post  Ice Kirby on Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:17 pm


Here are my textures!
Super Kid
:sonic: Android Shadow

:kirby2: Water Kirby

:luigi2: Mr.L

:sonic: Ashura The Hedgehog

:sonic: Omega Dark Sonic

:kirby2: Clone Kirby

:metaknight: Flame Knight

:mario2: Melee Mario
:metaknight: Clone Knight
:luigi2: Melee Luigi

:kirby2::kirby2: Golden and Platinum Kirby
🦊 Halloween Fox
:pikachu2: Shadow Pikachu
:jigglypuff: Shadow Jigglypuff

Go to my site to get these textures

And Shadow's Theme!
:sonic: :sonic:

Download: zncimmb9mf3g/uee2mao1go2/Sonic+Adventure+2+Battle+Pack.rar
:tlink: :tlink: PS3 Fan Toon Link & Fierce Deity Toon Link

:mario: Ice Suit Mario

:marth: as :ike: download.php?ygj2taajmaj
:sonic: Dark Super Sonic download.php?zqa3mjlzw2n
Ice Kirby

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